September 21 Professional Development
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Tuesday, September 21

9:30am PDT

Administrative Assistants: Aspen (X2) Training Session AM Session (Lafayette Room 2003) Lafayette School 1-12 ESL: Unpacking WIDA 2020: A Functional Approach to Lesson Planning AM Session (Location: Madeline English School Room 1010) Madeline English School K-12 Guidance Counselors & Deans: Safety Screening Protocol AM Session (Location Madeline English Room 4001) Grades 2 + 3: Tang Math AM Session (Location: Parlin Rooms 103, 106, 107, 108, 109) ParlinFILLING Grades K-3: Language Circle Enterprises Advanced Literacy Instruction AM Session (Location: Parlin School Library) ParlinLIMITED K-3: Developing a ‘Common Language’ and Toolkit for Social Emotional Learning in the Classroom AM Session (Location:Parlin School Gymnasium) ParlinFULL K-3: Grade Level Standard Tracing & Implementation AM Session (Location: Parlin School Rooms 203, 204, 211, 212, 213) Parlin SchoolLIMITED K-3: Using Previews & Visual Aids to Support Newcomers AM Session (Location: Parlin Rooms 111, 112, 113, 201, 202) ParlinLIMITED 9-12 Biology: HMH Biology Platform & Curriculum (Location Everett High School) Everett High School 9-12 Chemistry: Savvas Chemistry Curriculum (Location: Everett High School 3570) Everett High School 9-12 Earth, Anatomy, Engineering, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Robotics, Forensic Science: Everett High School 9-12 ELA: Savvas My Perspectives, Canvas, NoRedInk (Location: EHS Library) Everett High School 9-12 History/Social Studies: Savvas/NoRedInk (Location Everett High School) Everett High School 9-12 Math: Savvas/Canvas/Curriculum Writing (Location: EHS) Everett High School 9-12 Physics: Active Physics (Location: EHS) Everett High School CTE Teachers 9-12: Developing Rich Academic and Career-oriented Language for CTE Teachers (Location: EHS Room 1609) Everett High School All Devens Staff & K-12 Health Teachers: CPR/First Aid Training (Devens School) Devens Grades 4 + 5 Classroom Teachers: STEMScopes (Location: Keverian Rooms 4002, 4003, 4013, 4014) Keverian School K-12 Art: MoMa & Smithsonian Webinars + Lesson Planning (9-12 EHS Room 2510 & K-8 Lafayette 1019) 9-12 EHS & K-8 Lafayette K-12 Music: Quaver Music Implementation (Location: EHS Room 3240) Everett High School K-12 Physical Education: U.S. Games (Location Everett High School Gymnasium) Everett High School K-12 Substitute Teachers: SELF SELECT GRADE LEVEL/CONTENT BASED ON ROLE TBA K-12 Technology Teachers: Tynker Across the Curriculum (Location: Lafayette School Room 2002) Lafayette School K-12 World Language: Vista Curriculum Resources (Location: EHS Room 3400) Everett High School Grade 6-8 Social Studies + ELA: ReImagining Migration Unit/Lesson Design (Location:Whittier) Whittier Grade 7 + 8 Math: Big Ideas Math Implementation & Differentiation (Location: Keverian School Room 4001) Keverian School Grade 8 Science: Building a Curriculum Guide (Location Keverian School Room 3013) Keverian School Grades 6 + 7 Science Teachers: STEMScopes (Location: Keverian Room 3014) Keverian School Pre-K: Learning Without Tears (Location: Adams School) Adams School Pre-K: Learning Without Tears: (Location: Webster Extension) Adams School All ETLs: Program Initiatives & Updates (Location: Madeline English School Library) Madeline English School

12:30pm PDT